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Cost of Modafinil Drug

Modafinil cost

Modafinil tablets costAre you worried or obsessed about the cost at which Modafinil is being sold? Do not brood about it anymore. You are not alone. Many people do not know about the exact cost of Modafinil pills like you and will help you out by revealing how much Modafinil costs. Before looking at the actual price of the wakefulness promoting agent, one thing you need to understand is that the price of the medicine is not the same at all online pharmacies. The cost of the medicine differs from one online drugstore to the other and is subject to change from time to time depending upon the market value.

Cost of Modafinil over online pharmacies

This drug is sold by many internet pharmacies. The cost varies from one place to the other and depending upon the geographical location, you might find this pill in varied price. One could find this medication in the dosage strength of 200mg at a cost of $72 with 60 pills in the pack wherein a single Modafinil constitutes to about $1.18 approximately. 90 pills in the dosage strength of 200mg will be costing $103. So, one would get a single 200mg pill at $1.14 approximately. Similarly, the cost of this drug in the dosage strength of 100mg is priced at $56 wherein a single pill constitutes to about $1.40 on an approximate basis. This price would change if you get the 100mg Modafinil in a pack of 70 pills, then the cost would come to $99 making a single pill cost for about $1.41.

Cost of Modafinil over offline stores

There are many brick and mortar pharmacies that sell this pills. The price as mentioned above would differ from one drugstore to another. For instance, if you are planning to buy Modafinil pills by visiting an offline pharmacy store, you might have to pay $337.37 approximately for the dosage strength of 100mg. A single pill at an offline pharmacy would cost about $11.25 approximately. Similarly, some other offline stores might cost 100mg of this drug for about $589.99 with 30 days pill supply. 200mg Modafinil will cost about $880.09 with 30 pills in the pack. Thus, it is observed that the cost of the wakefulness promoting meds is not the same everywhere and they vary from online pharmacies to offline drugstores.

Get discounts on Modafinil

You can save on this pills by availing the discount options offered by various online drugstores. Make use of the coupons, vouchers, and discount cards, redeemable points etc. all of which will help you to lower the overall purchase cost. Ordering Modafinil in bulk or in large quantities will also pave way for concessions and rebates and you can get hold of the drug Modafinil cheaply in a hassle free manner.