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Mixing Modafinil And Alcohol-Know The Impacts.

Mixing Modafinil and alcohol

modafinil pills with alcoholYou are not supposed to mix Modafinil with alcohol. This would definitely cause serious impact on your body. We are going to give you some examples about taking Modafinil with alcohol.

Taking Modafinil and consuming alcohol the next day

In an experiment, a person took Modafinil on Thursday morning and skipped the dose next day. This is to leave a one day gap between taking the medication and alcohol. On Saturday, the person consumed alcohol and was able to manage him very well without any issues.

When he got up the next day, he had a little headache which is very ordinary and happens while consuming alcohol.

Taking Modafinil and drinking the same day

The person took the drug early in the morning and consumed alcohol at the night. After drinking three pegs of alcohol, the Modafinil still made him do a conversation clearly. But, the next day the person suffered from a heavy headache and few side effects but in a quite manageable way.

Modafinil and administering alcohol within 6 hours

The person in the experiment took the pill in the morning and after a period of 6 hours, he consumed alcohol. It was all well in the beginning but after few minutes he experienced a blackout. This is a process that occurs when the body completely collapses if something goes wrong in the system.

When we enquired, he told us that he just remembers his friends picking him up and putting on the couch. Fortunately, the next day he was completely fine after a good sleep. But, for many people this situation would make them fatal.

Taking Modafinil and consuming alcohol immediately

Since the last experiment made him to get scared and caused several ill effects in him, this step is avoided. But, we are pretty sure that taking Modafinil and alcohol together would trigger various ill effects in the body.

We recommend people not to experiment this at all. Either you would be hospitalized or it would be fatal. This medication has shown interaction with the alcohol in a severe manner. This is because of the working procedure of both these.

This drug is taken to stimulate the central nervous system whereas alcohol is a depressant and it is also known to affect the same part of the body. When both these works different on the brain, so many side effects are triggered in a person. Sometimes the issue would also worsen a lot. In most of the cases, people would take alcohol while on Modafinil treatment without knowing the consequence of this activity.

So, after reading this blog you would be aware on what should not be done while taking this medication hence be careful during the treatment.