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What are the top 5 Myths about Modafinil?

Modafinil Myths

modafinil tablets myths Modafinil is a highly beneficial drug when taken right but there are many myths floating around this medication that result in misuse and abuse. Overworked individuals battling fatigue and sleep disorder affected persons tend to find greater effectiveness with Modafinil than others. However, the myths surrounding this pill have led to many different uses under very wrong assumptions. Here, we have listed some of the many untruths about Modafinil so that one can better understand how this drug really works

Myth #1: Shortcut to success

This medication boosts alertness in those who take it and this is a feature that people mistakenly think makes them smarter. By eliminating the feelings of lethargy and fatigue, the drug helps to increase productivity. This does not mean you can quickly achieve success in whatever you do just by taking this drug. There is no shortcut to hard work and determination, which the Modafinil is wrongly attributed with.

Myth #2: Enhanced intelligence

This is another major myth circulating around Modafinil though it is untrue. Unless you were already intelligent in many ways, the drug cannot actually boost this feature in any way. The simple fact is that this wakefulness-promoting drug can help you come out of any emotional or mental listlessness by making you more focused on your work and even perform for longer hours than usual with utmost concentration. This zeal for performing at work is only extended to the line where you are able to work without experiencing natural fatigue or tiredness.

Myth #3: Higher Modafinil dosages are more effective

This is a common deception that results in taking too much Modafinil thinking that the effects of the drug would be amplified. However, scientific research has proved that taking 200mg is not all that different from taking 400mg. Taking higher Modafinil dosages than required would only increase the risk of side effects. Moreover, consuming this drug in excess would result in the person easily developing tolerance to the drug. This practice is not recommended and should be stopped, with only the doctor’s dosage instructions followed for the most effective results.

Myth #4: Interacts adversely with cannabis and caffeine

There are general instructions against using stimulants together. However, this is really not an issue when using Modafinil. The drug can be taken without worrying about how it will interact with stimulants like caffeine or cannabis. Unless specifically instructed by the doctor not do so, this is really not a problem. Sometimes the effects of the medication can even be amplified with the use of stimulants like cannabis and caffeine.

Myth #5: Generic Modafinil is not effective

The brand form of the drug isn’t the only formulation that is effective. In fact, the generic form are just as effective as they contain the same active ingredient. When choosing a generic varient, do some research by checking the product label and also the country where the drug was manufactured. The quality and pricing of generic Modafinil may vary over internet pharmacies but the effectiveness would be the same.