Refund Policy has a dispatch team tracks every moment of your package. In case you have any problems with your shipment, you will be intimated within 24 hours of time. We will ship a new product for you and will also provide you a new number with which you can track your package. Therefore, there is no need to worry for you. We guarantee 100% security of your product and will take every possible measure to ensure the product reaches your hands safely and intact. We abide by the federal law, therefore we will not be in a position to refund/ exchange the price for the damaged meds. We might provide you free reshipment or full refund in cases like:

  • if the shipment is lost in transit
  • If you have been delivered a wrong product
  • If you have received not the exact product but the one that is similar to what you ordered

However, you need to know that we do not provide refunds or reshipments if you have provided a wrong delivery address.