Is It Safe To Use Provigil As A Performance Enhancer For Bodybuilding?

body builder taking modafinil tabletsProvigil is a nootropic and is called a smart drug as it helps to increase concentration and focus. However, in addition to it, people are taking it as a performance enhancer. There are a number of positive effects that are seen when they take Provigil and combine it with their workout regime. This drug is popular among athletes as it stimulates.

It is stated that when 4mg Provigil per kilo of the body weight was given, the exercise duration can increase even up to 30% or more. The absorption of oxygen and the utilization of oxygen are better and this also results in decreased levels of fatigue. Normally, athletes do take 2-3 hours before they start the sporting event or before they can start training. This helps for speed, strength and for pre-workout stimulants.

Strength training after taking Provigil as a performance enhancer

When it is used and the person goes in for workouts, it helps as the med is known to increase the focus. With increased focus, the execution of movements is better. These athletes, weight lifters and people who go through these workouts are able to get into the zone very easily and effortlessly when they take Provigil. They are immediately able to focus and do well even in competitions. They are able to do so without stress and without getting annoyed or frustrated especially in competitions. They are able to just be at the moment.

When the person taking the medicine uses them for strength training, they also find their performance to be enhanced and they have great workouts. They are able to get through their entire workout quicker and more efficiently.

Role of Provigil as a performance enhancer in body building

It also helps in body building as mind-muscle coordination and connection are amazing when it is taken. The person does not feel the burn and the fatigue and they are able to focus on their tasks with intensity. They are better able to learn contraction of muscles and they are able to replicate it better with the minimum amount of procrastination.

Things you need to know before buying Provigil

Before buying ProvigilĀ for body building purpose, there are a few areas of caution to be kept in mind. The first is that there is a tendency to cause dehydration and that will decrease the performance of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to be hydrated at all times and especially when exercising.

It also tends to suppress the appetite and so the person must ensure that he or she is getting the sustenance that is required and schedules their feeds as well.

Consumption of the medicine can also cause insomnia and so the person is not able to recover in time for the next workout session and due to this the progress at the gym is affected. Therefore, when on Provigil, one should necessarily take control of their sleep and see that they get the sleep they require.Therefore, before taking this drug one should be aware of the pros and cons and only then take it.